Address:Industrial Park, Lingguan Town, Anren

County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province




aldehyde-free wood (fragrance) particle board

Application areas
cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, custom furniture and whole house decoration.

Aldehyde-free flame retardant particle board

Application areas
cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, custom furniture and whole house decoration.

Aldehyde-free particleboard

aldehyde-free wood (fragrance) particle board

Aldehyde-free flame retardant particle board

Ordinary homogeneous


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SOB series

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Panel series

No-added formaldehyde based resin is used in the production of the board.(NAF is the most stringent aldehyde-free exemption certification in the US Carb ATCM Act.

No formaldehyde testing is required for the export of the certified sheet or furniture products to the US market.)

State-owned enterprises, world-class quality


The total investment

cubic meters

  • 6.5
  • 281
  • 30

Production capacity

million yuan


The total investment of Xiangliang Industrial Park in Xiangzhou Plate Industry is 650 million yuan, covering an area of 281 mu. It has introduced a number of intelligent leading production equipments.

Create an ecological particle board industrial park,
Radiation from Hunan to the whole country,

and even the world

Excellent environmental performance

The straw-based board is made of MDI adhesive and

tested according to national standards. It is

formaldehyde-free and is 

Good moisture resistance

Which is superior to the national standard of wood particle board

High performance flame retardant

The burning performance of the straw-based particleboard without

adding any fire retardant can meet the requirements of


Being stable and not easy to deform

The adhesive of the aldehyde-free straw-based

particleboard has strong bonding strength and far

superior performance to urea-formaldehyde glue. 

The raw materials of the straw plate are derived from nature, carefully selected, and the research and development process has been accumulated for many years.

The ideal material for health and environmental protection

The straw-based particleboard adheres to the enterprise development concept of

“open innovation, green sharing and coordinated development” of Hunan Grain Group.

Famous material with health and environmental protection

We introduced the world's first 'zero formaldehyde' continuous press particleboard production line produced by Dieffenbacher.
The raw materials are derived from nature and carefully selected. A total of 22 processes are strictly controlled throughout the production process to ensure that every inch of sheet is as safe as food.
The production base is located in Linguan Town Industrial Park, Anren County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. It covers an area of 281 mu and has an investment of 650 million yuan.
Straw-based aldehyde-free particleboard is applying for US CARB-NAF aldehyde-free exemption certification, EPA-NAF certification and FSC certification.
Home decoration series
Hardcover series
Children's room series
custom made

Aldehyde-free eco-home industry project

Engineering case


Radiation from Anren, to Hunan, China and the world


Special event

Service customization

Network point inquiry


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